How much will your wedding cost?

The big day has arrived. Your other half proposed a few month ago, you’ve got engaged since, and you’re now preparing for one of the most important, if not most important, day of your life. So what will the damage be for this special event? Hopefully, someone else will foot the bill! It can vary greatly, depending on how many services or extras you may want to add, the number of guests you may invite, and the kind of location you may choose to have your wedding. We take a quick look at different types and how much it can cost.

What kind of wedding is best for you?

Weddings are a great opportunity to showcase you and your partner’s culture and religion. Of course, this might come with a high price tag. So you may want to have a look at a few types of wedding ceremonies before you decide which one you want to pay for.

A traditional wedding will be fairly faithful to the bridge or groom’s religion or culture. If they are of an Indian, Pakistani, Chinese or other background, this could be a drawn-out even lasting several days with a large bill on the venues, religious ceremonies and catering.

A non-denominational and non-religious wedding has less or no references to religious figures or God/Allah etc. In terms of the price, it could be more cost-effective as a religious figure would not need to observe the union.

An interfaith or intercultural wedding is possibly the most expressive way to celebrate a union of different cultures. This could be incorporating elements of a Hindu wedding with a Chinese banquet. It could be just as pricey as a traditional wedding

Themed weddings are fast becoming trendy and vogue, especially amongst younger couples. If the couple have a deep connection for a theme such as James Bond or Harry Potter, the theme and venue could be inspired by that. Of course, there would be a price tag for the venue, the outfits, themed extras and cake.

What is your budget?

The Daily Mail from the United Kingdom suggested a wedding on average could cost up to £20,000 ($25,500 USD). This could be broken down into several costs.

Hiring the venue and related costs might be £4,000. Catering would be around £3500 including the cake. Venue decoration and stationery would be around £2000 and the wardrobe for both the bride and groom would be between £3500-4000 including the dress. Other costs like transport and insurance could be up to £2000. Finally your honeymoon could be up to £4000.


Estimating how much your wedding will cost can be tricky. What kind of wedding do you want? The more elaborate you want it, the more it could cost. It all depends what your budget is for each component of the wedding and how much you are prepared to pay. But a price, of course, cannot compare to the day of a union of a long lasting relationship.

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