Here Are the Best Color Combinations for a Spring Wedding

Spring is one of the best times to have your wedding. There are a variety of color combinations to choose from with the spring sun and blooming flowers. You can choose vibrant colors, mute, less bright colors or incorporate the colors to achieve a certain look using a wedding color picker if you find it hard to do it. Traditionally, using light color schemes for a spring wedding is very common. This can be aqua or very light blue combined with white. However, you can combine several colors to have the feel you want whether bright, classic, formal or vibrant.

Spring color combinations

Below are some of the best combinations you should consider for your spring wedding:

  • Hot pink, custom blue, blue-gray and gray.

Hot pink is a lively and bright color that is generally associated with girls. This hot pink color combined with a shade of sea blue gives a romantic feeling of a man meeting with a woman. They are also bright colors which are perfect for a wedding. To make the wedding more sophisticated, and give it a more modern feel, you should add shades of gray and gray-blue. This combination is perfect for spring seasons that come after winter,

  • Custom and classic gray, custom green and custom Ivory color combination.

This combination of colors is fresh and give a calming feel. It is beautiful and blends well with the spring sun and flowers. It is also a simple choice which is easily adaptable to any location, budget and gives a feel of nature. It is also romantic and this can be seen when you take photos whereby they will have a feeling of love.

  • Custom blue, custom teal, Ashwood and sugar color combination.

This color combination is best for spring twilight hours and when you are not fond of being high key and want to have a low key ceremony. The sugar and ash wood combination gives sandy neutrals which when combined with the customized blue gives a calm, harmonious and romantic feel.

  • White, peach, Ivory and custom purple color combination.

White is the traditional wedding color. You can give your wedding a more classic and elegant look by combining white with peach which is a common modern color. You can also add customized purple which is a favorite during spring. This color combination is beautiful with the breeze during spring.

  • Custom pink, cream rose, custom green and silver color combination.

You customize the pink to a lighter shade, the combination is very pretty with cream rose and displays romance. The lightning should also be light. Shades of green and silver add a fresh and natural feel. Therefore, this spring color combo easily sets a romantic mood. Read more here:

Choosing the best color combination for your wedding may be confusing especially when it is for a certain season. You do not have to completely rely on a wedding color picker. With the above combinations, you can play with the colors and find the best combination from the list or custom yours.